19 July 2023

    Woman Hit By Meteorite In Rare Astronomy Event

    Introduction Have you ever heard of a woman hit by a meteorite? It may sound like an event straight out…
    19 July 2023

    China’s Ancient Buddhist Grottoes at Risk from Climate Change

    Introduction Climate change poses a significant threat to various cultural and natural heritage sites around the world, and China’s ancient…
    19 July 2023

    Writers Demand AI Stop Using Work Without Permission

    In the age of artificial intelligence, the relationship between technology and creative content has become a subject of debate. While…
    19 July 2023

    Big Tech Hires Tens of Millions of Gig Workers in Job-Hungry China

    Introduction In recent years, the rise of gig economy platforms has transformed the global job market. Big tech companies have…
    17 July 2023

    DNA Computing Breakthrough: Bio-Compatible Computers in Sight

    Introduction The world of computing has witnessed remarkable advancements over the years. From traditional silicon-based computers to quantum computers, researchers…



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