DTR Medical Abbreviation

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DTR Medical Abbreviation


DTR Medical Abbreviation: For those who don’t know, DTR stands for “do not resuscitate.” The meaning of this abbreviation is pretty straightforward: it means that no matter what happens to the patient, they should not be given any form of life-saving treatment. This is why doctors will use the term DTR when discussing a patient who has been diagnosed with some sort of terminal illness or condition where there’s no hope for recovery or cure through conventional medicine methods.

Definition of DTR Medical Abbreviation

The abbreviation DTR stands for “dissociative trance disorder”. It is used to describe a form of dissociative identity disorder, which is also called multiple personality disorder (MPD), or by the term “split-brain syndrome”.

When someone has this condition, they may have two or more distinct personalities—one that controls their body and another in charge of mental functions like memory, perception and thinking—that together can take over the entire body at different times depending on circumstances.[1]

What does DTR mean?

DTR stands for Down To Remember. It is a medical abbreviation that is use to describe patients with memory loss and dementia. Who are unable to remember their past experiences or who have difficulty recalling information about themselves.

Why do doctors use the abbreviation DTR?

Doctors use the abbreviation DTR to indicate that the patient has agreed to treatment. This is often use in conjunction with other medical terms, such as:

  • “Do you accept my treatment?”
  • “Do you consent?”

DTR Medical Definition

Down’s syndrome (DS) is a genetic disorder that causes intellectual disabilities, characteristic facial features and some physical abnormalities. It is the most common genetic cause of learning disabilities and developmental delays in children.

The abbreviation DTR stands for Down’s Syndrome and Trisomy 18, which are two different types of trisomies. That can be cause by having an extra chromosome or two copies of chromosome 21 instead of one normal copy (one X).

You need to know about DTR medical abbreviation.

You need to know about DTR medical abbreviation. It is used for thyroid testing and diagnosis. Thyroid Tissue Distribution Rate (DTR) refers to the percentage of thyroglobulin absorbed by radioactive iodine in a specific area of tissue. For example, if there was 100% absorption in the thyroid gland and 90% absorption in other parts of your body, then it would be refer as high DTR level (HDR). The lower number represents more amount absorbed by other areas while 100% means that all absorption occurred within one organ/tissue only!


The DTR medical abbreviation stands for “dilatation and curettage”. This procedure involves two simple steps: dilating the cervix, then scraping it to remove excess tissue. It’s often used for women who have had an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted in their uterus. Because scraping out the device could cause complications if left untreated. For more information visit our website.

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